Having the ability of precognition isnt always as fun as it sounds.
Why, you might ask? Simple, you’re never surprised and the pressure of making sure nothing goes wrong when you see it.
People who think they know about the ability to see into the future, think its fun because you know everything.
Well, you dont people, especially when you cant see it on command, or when it changes. How do I know all of this?
I guess cause thats my gift.

I walk through O’Grady High’s front doors, and see all the familar faces again. As I head for my locker, I get a vision. Someone’s walking towards my locker, the empty one next to mine. She’s opening it. She has long brunette hair and blue eyes. She’s new, she’s walking into my homeroom, in the back of the room, alone…

“Gabe, hello?” Shay snaps me out of my vision. She’s the only person that knows about me and I’m the only one that knows about her skillful telekenises power. I have it too, along with my precognition.

“Someone new is coming… someone powerful.”

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