No Lie

A single bare bulb shines on a table where a figure slumps in a chair beside it, in handcuffs. A man enters in a dress shirt and slacks, gun in holster at his hip.

“So, alien tell us everything you know about Mr. Big!”

“But, I don’t know anything!”

The man leans into the detainees face and growls, “Maybe you need some motivation.” He un-holsters his gun and steps back, aiming at the head of the alien who looks suddenly frightened.

“I’m telling the truth!”

A tinny voice pages the room, “He’s an alien, Detective, of course he’s..” The detective throws his gun in anger at the mirrored glass. The wall topples over, outward. Camera crew dodge to avoid being flattened.

“CUT!” screams the director. “Honestly, the gun move was great! STANLEY! Get me another wall!”

“This.. You lied to me?!” The alien jumps up in anger.

“We can’t use him now, such a waste. BRUCE! Dispose of this one, and get me a new one!”

Bruce’s gun was actually loaded.

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