Trouble Is Afoot

With all the excitement, people really did forget about the trouble still afoot. Even Kevin allowed himself to fall into a reunion conversation with former ficleteers. Little did they know trouble was brewing at their very feet.

Overlooked_Merchandise sat quietly along the shore, watching the ocean. Suddenly, from the horizon line, the ocean water shifted from a calm, picturesque vision to a dark, fright filled craze. It whirled and whooshed and the sky started to follow.

Overlooked_Merchandise jumped onto the nearest rock, throwing her arms into the air in a crazy manner and shouted, “STOP!”

Heads turned, Kevin spoke into his microphone “WHAT’S WRONG?”
“Where’d he get the mic?” you could hear Bartimaeus whispering, still confused.

“LOOK!” I shout, pointing toward the sea.

Gasps ring throughout the island. Everyone was silent.

“Know any good songs for this?” Captain Jason asked G2.

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