Nature's Wonder

Zarek sat peacefully in the grass, watching the dark clouds as they devoured the blue sky above him. Rain and more thunder soon followed, but he still sat where he was, listening to the sounds of nature. Behind the rumbling thunder and the unrelenting rain, he heard something faint. He frowned in concentration and perked his ears, trying to pick up the subtle noise once more.
He heard it a second time, this time a bit more clearly. It sounded like a whisper.. or was it a call from afar? He couldn’t tell, but he stood up and walked in what he percieved as being the direction from which the noise came. A third time he heard, and this time was just able to make out what it was. Zarek… we need you…
The boy picked up his pace, now certain that he was headed in the right direction. He heard the same chant grow stronger as he followed it. As the thick rain began to thin, he saw a looming shadow in the distance. As he approached, the shadow transformed into a thick wall of trees.

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