AOL Crashes The Party

“Oh no!” Oy cried in horror. “They’ve located the Island!”

“How is that possible?” Band Baby demanded. “We have the best security system imaginable!”

“Um yeah,” Chimed in Blusparrow. “Meaning the System runs on our Imagination we haven’t written anything in days because we were too busy celebrating.”

Captain Jason shouted orders through the P.A. system. “LOWER THE GANGPLANK, HOIST THE SAILS, PULL UP THE ANCHORS! ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Where are you getting this equipment?!” Bartimaeus shouted. Unfortunately (for him) he was ignored.

The crew of the USS Ficly jumped aboard and started to get them underway.

“We’re not far enough out!” Overlooked_Merchandised shouted. “The tide is out!”

Lower the lines!” The Captain commanded.

The crew threw several ropes over the ship sides. “BARTIMAEUS, ORANGE OREOS, TREE BEARD AND ALL YOU OTHER STRONG GUYS! Heave!

The men pulled backward on the ropes as hard as they could, and the USS Ficly moved back into the water a couple inches.

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