Soul Stealer

The wind rushed by, sending the black cloak he was wearing flying out behind him. The horse he was on galloped silently. They were flying soundlessly through a thick, midnight black forest.
He listened intensely, picking up every sound from the slumbering animals to the ones just beginning their days and even to the plants surrounding them. His slightest movement told the horse how to maneuver through the forest. The black stallion had learned to trust his master’s directions for he had never been led astray in all their years together.

Abruptly, the man gently tugged the stallion’s reins upward. The horse slowed to a stop, obeying his master. The cloaked figure leaped off his horse and glided soundlessly towards the tower they had come to stop in front of.

He moved to the right and found what he had come for. Standing in the window was a girl dressed in a pearly white nightgown. Her arms were outstretched, handing the hooded figure a glimmering orb. He snatched it and rode away as she collapsed motionless.

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