Breaking Apart 1

“Do you love me Jess?” Jeremy looked at his hands as he spoke.

“I don’t know” Explaining wouldn’t be easy.

“What have we been doing if this wasn’t going to…” He didn’t know how to complete his thought and unclenched his hands.

“I don’t know” It seemed as honest as answer she could give.

Jeremy let her responses sink in. She didn’t know? How could she not know? Either the time they had spent together over the past months meant something or it didn’t. Or she had just been lying to him this entire time. The scenarios seemed to trickle down from bad to worse in his mind, and he realized how angry he was becoming. Hurt welled up in him as he rested finally at the worst possible conclusion: that she had just used him.

Jess felt like she should say something, but was at a loss of how to console Jeremy. He had been there for her, sacrificed for her, and even loved her. She had needed all those things she realized, but she didn’t need them from Jeremy to be happy, and that was the truth of it.

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