Breaking Apart 3

“Jeremy, this is hard for me too” Jess felt like he was being unfair, she was probably losing her best friend now too.

“You seem to be doing okay” Jeremy’s accused Jess, she was sitting there looking sad. Sad like a waitress had just told her they were out of today’s soup of the day he thought. Don’t worry Jess, tomorrow you can come back and they’ll have your favorite flavor and you only have to be sad for today! Jeremy felt the battering ram collide.

“I’m not!” Tears fell from Jess’s eyes. Seeing Jeremy hurt was the last thing she wanted, but it was unavoidable. This bridge of hurt had to be crossed Jess knew, there was no way around it. But the sooner they made it across they sooner they could both feel better. She wanted Jeremy desperately to understand this. “Look at me” She wiped her face “I’m not doing okay, okay?” She took a few breaths and knelt down in front of Jeremy. “What can I say or do to make this easier?”


They sat in silence, there were no answers, just hurt.

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