She texted her back
To: Keira
oh… great…

Before I knew it, I was passing back and forth. After a while I got bored with that and grabbed my iPod. Putting on my shoes, I walked out the door. I didn’t get very far because my feet just stopped. Right next door, there was a moving truck. Oh no, I forgot that house was for sale. Of course Carter would move in next door. Maybe I can pretend it isn’t him and it will come true. I stood there just watching. Then he walked out. He hasn’t looked any different since I last saw him. He had dirt blonde hair about ear length, a T-shirt that’s sporting a band, jeans, and converse. He walked to the van and grabbed a box. He slowed and glanced right to me. I suddenly looked down. I could feel him still looking at me. He may have not changed, but I know I have. My brown hair is now shoulder length and I am sporting handmade bracelets, tight t-shirts, and jeans. When I finally got the courage to look up, he was gone.

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