The Perfect Balance

I’ve always been fascinated by perception. How the way one person sees everything is completely different from another person. How we can never even begin to imagine how different things are to someone else.

But even with our completely different perceptions, we’re not altogether seperated from each other. And that fascinated me.

And then I realized what it was… we’re all human. It’s so simple.

You see, there is a perfect balance.

We all have fundemental similarities that we can’t change, that seem to be just human instinct, that we seem to be born with. We all feel. We’ve all been happy, sad, mad, surprised, embarassed, etc.

Even though we can’t imagine what the world looks like from another person’s eyes, we can say to that person, “oh, I know what you mean. I’ve felt that way too.”

We can relate to each other on such basic levels even with our completely different views; yet at the same time because of our differences, our perceptions, there’s always so much more to learn.

It’s a perfect balance.

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