Another dark day

It only took four tries to get my key in the lock this time, and I heard the comforting snick as I turned the key and let myself in. I pushed the door shut behind me and leant sideways against the wall. I was hot, sweaty, out of breath, but elated. I’d made it all the way home by myself, without panicking once. I could do this!
I pushed myself upright and trailed my fingers against the wall as I shuffled down the hall. I passed the door of the sitting room, ajar, and the the door of the study, closed. At the end of the hall was the kitchen, and I shuffled more slowly still here. Our cat, Ferdy, had yet to come to terms with his blindness, let alone ours, and kept getting under foot.
I inched forwards until I found the cupboards, and then the microwave. I still had some frozen instant meals, but they wouldn’t last much longer. The whole world, man and animal, had gone blind overnight four weeks ago, and industry would be a while recovering. If it ever did.

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