The Well at Jackville

There was feeling of dread that hung over the well like a storm cloud. Most people would sense it but couldn’t explain it – one of those weird sensations they write off as soon as they leave. Peter not only sensed it, he studied it. Peering into the well, he could smell the fear the Indians must have had as the soldiers were cutting them down. He could taste the anger of the warriors as they tried to fight back. Most of all, he felt the hatred of over 200 years of an unholy burial.

The Well at Jackville, as it was known, represented little more than a curiosity to the faculty and student body at Miskatonic University, but Peter suspected something darker and more sinister lay at the bottom of the well. He had been collecting newspaper clippings of “odd” stories regarding the well all during his undergraduate years. Now, as a Master’s student, he had access to more of the University’s resources to turn the well from a part time hobby into his primary research. The first step was to try and talk with the dead.

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