Case # CZ273

Larner (Court Recorder): “Case# CZ273, Judge,”
Jg. Kilner: “Very well. Can the parties approach, please,”
Larner: “Edwards vs. Chicago County Zoo, Your Honor,”

Plaintiff Attorny Tilman: “My client, Ms. Julia Edwards is filing a grievance against the Zoo citing unsafe conditions after she slipped and fell hurting her shoulder, her back, and her hip, Your honor. She complains that the dolphins in the adjacent tank are encouraged to splash the crowd, leaving the walkway near the tank unsafe,”

Judge: “Let me get this straight! She’s suing the dolphins?”
Tilman: “She’s suing the Zoo, Your Honor,”
Judge: “For putting on a Dolphin Show?”
Tilman (Humoring the Judge): For unsafe, slippery conditions, Judge,"
Judge: “I see. Defense?”

Def. Attorny Emily Chase: “We are compelled to enter a plea of Not Guilty, Your Honor. It’s a Dolphin show, where the fish jump out of the water and splash back into the pool. The sign for the exhibit is a splashing dolphin,”
Chicago Zoo Keeper Trevor Gill: “They’re not fish,”

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