Case # CZ273 Edwards vs. Zoo

Judge: “Pardon me, sir?”
Zoo Keeper: “Uhm. Well, Dolphins? They’re not fish. They are animals,”
Judge: “Thank you for Biology lesson, Mister…?”
Zoo Keeper: “Gill. Trevor Gill! It’s all part of the show, we like to educate while we entertain. You see we…”

Judge: “Spare me the pitch, Mr. Gill have a seat! What damages is your client seeking, Mr. Tillman?”

Tillman (Plaintiff Lawyer): “We are seeking $50,000 in damage: Time away from work, medical and damages to quality of life,”
Judge (Eyes Raised): Is the plaintiff in the room today?"
Ms. Edwards (Large woman, pug faced, beedy eyes and frumpy flower patterned dress): Yes ya Honor!"
Judge: “Can you approach?”
Ms Edward walks with a pronounced limp: “Yes, Ya Honor!”
Judge: “Ms. Edwards. Tell me what happened.”

Ms Edwards: “I was walkin’ through the zoo with my two nephews, Jimmy and Paul,”
Judge: “Are they here?”
Tillman: “No Your Honor. Ms Edwards wanted to spare them the theater of the court,”
Judge: “How thoughtful. Please continue, Ms. Edwards,”

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