Case # CZ273: The Plaintiff's Side

Ms. Edwards: “So you see, they ran ahead while the show was goin’ on. And the zoo keepers.. well they had them fish jumpin’ all in the air, and splashin’ the crowd..”

Gill: “They’re not fish. They’re animals: Mammals. They breath air, and birth calves, and feed them milk. And they’re not zoo keepers, they’re Handlers,”
Judge: “Thank you, Mr. Gill,”
Gill (in small voice): “not fish”

Edwards: "So here I was runnin’ after the boys, when a splash came barrellin’ over the sides of the pool causin’ me to slip on the ground there, and fell sideways. Why, I tried to catch myself on the way down, but my arm slipped on the railin’ and I went ass-over-tea-kettle – if you’ll pardon the expression, Mr. Judge!

“Them Zoo Keeper…”
Gill: “Handlers, Your Honor,”
Edwards: "Whatever they are, Handlers or whatever… they were encouragin’ them Dolphin to jump through the air and splash us.. "
Gill: “That’s part of the show!!! It’s called the ‘Sadie & Jack’ Stunt Dolphin Show! What did you expect?”

Judge: “I’ll have order!”

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