Case # CZ273: Judgement

Court Recorder, Larner: "Yes, Your Honor. You said: “You walked, knowingly, blah blah, where you know dolphins blah, blah, splashing about, blah blah, being wet and slippery,blah and, you continued, of your own free will to walk in said area. And you were SURPRISED when it was ACTUALLY slippery, and you expect ME to grant you a law suit of $50,000 because you are a fucking idiot?”
Judge (eyebrow cocked): I’m pretty sure I did not use that vernacular, Ms. Larner,"
Larner: “Sorry Your Honor, I couldn’t help myself!”
Judge (looks at plaintiff): Did you misunderstand the question, Ms. Edwards? Or do I require a Grade 8 English teacher to take the stand and give you an education on the English language?
Edwards: “No Judge, I get it.”
Judge: “Oh I’m not sure you do. You just came here today asking the dolphins to pay you $50k, and all because you fell in a place where everyone knows it’s slippery.”
Tillman: “Now that he puts it that way..”
Chase: “You’re not that bright”
Judge: “Guilty as charge! Court adjourned,”

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