Fire and Ice (antonym challenge)

My body burned for her. I could not douse the flames that consumed me. I thought about her every second of the day, what she was doing, thinking, where she was in relation to me. My mind produced images of her long legs, long hair, sparkling smile, and smooth curves instead of focusing on my work. I wanted to touch her, to feel the tingle of electricity that would surely pass between our atoms at close proximity.

She, however, didn’t feel the same way. She told me she had a boyfriend, that I wasn’t her type, that I should not speak to her again. She turned her back to me now, scowling if I made eye contact, and leaving any room I enter.

Her stony posture and cold shoulder wasn’t enough to douse my flame. I would melt her frigid barriers if she would only give me a chance. She kept herself in a cold world of calculations enshrouded in paper and data. Her heart was stony and our future was bleak. I shivered when she passed.

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