Childish Fun

He walked through his garage door and heard a squeal coming from his living room. He smiled to himself as he set his things down in the kitchen. He kicked his shoes off and hung his jacket up, listening to the music blasting through the house. He walked to the entrance to his living room and stopped to observe the scene.

A girl about his age, although she looked much younger, was wearing a white cami and short pajama boxers. She was dancing around the living room. Her arms and body were flailing around and she was shipping her hair continually from her face. She was singing the lyrics to the song playing perfectly. He chuckled as he watched.

When she noticed him, her whole face lit up in joy. She ran over to him and grabbed his arms, pulling him onto her makeshift dance floor. He laughed as she began dancing with him. He had had a long day at work and really just wanted to rest, but found it impossible to resist his young-hearted wife.

And so the two of them danced and sang together well into the night.

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