“It doesn’t matter to me the reasons you took it”
“if u knew them it would”
“Against you? I’m willing to take the chance.”
“u should know what r the consequences before u say any more”
“You’re going to lose more than your license”
“i dont need a licence to set info free”
“We trained you, we can find you”
“u haven’t yet. id say prepare yourself, u know ur protocols arent prepared for me.”
“So be it Jamus.”
“So be it Ori”

Jamus opened a new terminal in the Googal back-end and began his massive download of error logs. He was looking for the one line, in billions of lines in the backlog. Ori would be dropping the logs as he worked, but the massive amount of data would slow down the deletion. He had to find a needle in a haystack in a windstorm in… less than three minutes now.

The fuckers blackmailed the wrong tech. He imagined they would probably kill the right one though, they were funny like that.

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