“found it”
“found what”
“found IT”
“bs. send it”
“sent. get ur ass over here, we need to go over things”
“testing, wait.”
“it’s valid you asshole”
“stfu and let me test it”

They both waited.

“wtf dude, where did you get the point of origin?”
“error log”
“bullshit, wtf did you get it?”
“error log”
“gtfover here”
“this just got very real, u sure u want to do this?”

They both waited.

“k. omw.”

The plan was simple. They had an in with an intern working the front desk of the local ISP, the “in” being the chick at the front desk let anyone in the back room with a clipboard. Janus couldn’t go in, but he had a good grease man in mind.

Rory pulled up to Janus’s house. The rain seemed to make the nights in Oregon even darker. The house was also dark except for the blue glow through the upper window, Janus’s room.

“Don’t be nervous Rory” The man sitting next to him said.
“I’m not nervous.”
“Good, just liked we planned.”
“I know”

The man sitting next to Rory handed him a gun

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