The Future is Now!

“Welcome to the Future” blared the rusting speakers. “Prepare to be amazed!”

Claude stood on his toes to see over the railing at the diorama of the future Milford City.

“In the future,” said a mans voice, calm and serene, “we will use monorails to travel about our city.”

A miniature monorail train jerked along it’s spindly track. Claude didn’t think much of it. It was up in the air and all.

“We will no longer live on the ground, but up in the air, like the birds! Our buildings standing tall on mighty legs!”

Claude cast a doubtful eye at the disks stuck on sticks that represented these buildings. Why, the monorail didn’t go up them at all? How did you get to ride it from way up there?

“Freight will move through our city on robotic trucks, each moving at speeds approaching 200 mph!”

Strange wedge nosed trucks raced around the city on a track, like so many slot cars, but not as fast.

“All this will be yours in the year 2000!”

Claude knew that wasn’t right. It was 2009 already. Where was his future now?

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