“That’s the stupidest fucking name I’ve ever heard”
“What? I like it.”
“Obviously, you named your program that”
“I like vampires, sue me”
“Bytten? Fucking retarded dude.”
“I like it, lay off.”
“Whatever Twilight Hero”
“Stephanie Meyer didn’t invent vampires you know”
“No, she invented fuck-tarded vampires, and that name falls under that category”
“You’re the fuck-tard for judging everything vampire twilight related, go read ’Salems Lot”
“I did, Stephen King would kick your ass for using that name too.”
“Whatever, I like what I like. Password is rUn*2012”
“At least your passwords don’t suck”

Jamus opened the thumb drive to copy over his program. The gun in Rory’s waistband was getting heavier, it was slipping down his pants. He sat on Jamus’s bed.

“I need to tell you something”
“You wish your name was Edward Cullen?”
“You wish your name was Jacob Black?”
“What then?”
“I have a gun.”
“Why do you have a gun?”

Jamus turned around when Rory didn’t respond. Rory shot.

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