Would She Remember Me?

Drugs, she’s on drugs. Keep telling yourself that pain pills are the culprits, things the doctors feed her to make her numb. You wouldn’t want her to suffer, would you? You wouldn’t want her to hurt these last few hours. Mother already dropped the bomb. She wasn’t going to make it through the week. She probably didn’t even have the next few days! Please, just keep walking. Don’t look back. Don’t think about the look on her face.

It was that little voice in my mind again, the one that talks to me, tries to keep me from going insane. It told me it wasn’t anyone’s fault, that the pills made her act a certain way. But how could I listen? She didn’t know my name! She was my best friend, and she didn’t even…

How could I ever forget that stare? Mother said to kiss her goodbye and to remember as she was, not as a broken down woman in a hospital bed. But her eyes were so utterly blank, devoid of all emotion and recognition.

She didn’t know me then, but would she remember me when she was gone? Gone to Heaven?

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