Killer Klowns – Brain Dead Zombies!

“Come one, come all.”
“For it may be your only chance, to witness the amazing and the thrilling show.”

“Come and see the Klowns.” As the ring master shouted to the crowd; standing tall on a small ladder.

“Look over there Alyssa; it seems the circus has come to town.”

“Oh Markus; just look at that line, it would take years to get in.”

“Don’t be such a downer, we can always find another way inside the tent you know.”

“Just wait here; I’ll be back with a way.”

Markus had left Alyssa, sitting in immerse of darkness.

It was not long when Alyssa realized that Markus was not going to return. She thought nothing of his disappearance, for he liked his moments of tom foolery.

Alyssa had unlocked the side door, stepping down in a muddying vile puddle. Leaving her white sneakers looking like someone had smeared shit all over her shoes.

She had shouted, with a growl.

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