Burning Tentacles

Upon arrival of the archmage, the flame turned green and formed a face. The archmage saw all the events of the day, the cry for help, the arrival of the party, and the trial of the rogue mage. The only thing he could not see was that the company of heroes was still close.
“I told you to remain silent!”, the archmage shouted in anger, “now you will have to suffer the consequences.”
Having said that, he made a gesture and the flame turned red, tentacles formed and reached out and bruised the princess’ skin.
“This should teach you not to disobey.”, he said with a cold, heartless voice.
The party was watching the scene in awe.
“Really, this IS a powerful archmage. This will be more than a challenge.”, the rogue mage sighed quietly into his beard.
Without further ado and even less motion, the archmage suddenly vanished, leaving the captured princess behind.
The princess was obviously exhausted, hungry, thirsty and injured.
The flame cage shone once again in its blue spectacular light as if nothing had happened.

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