Masks and showmanship

“This one is positively crispy, Bob. I don’t know how he’s going to beat it.”

“Well Ed, El Gastoro has risen to the challenge, He’s slicing it in half with his fork!”

“The crowd loves it! For those of you watching at home, the energy level in the Boyardee Memorial Arena here tonight is so high that I’m worried the fans will storm the table the moment Gastoro puts down his fork.”

“He’s taking a sip of water, and that brings us to the Mercedes-Benz Bite of the Day. Tonight’s bite is this one, in the Chips and Salsa Course, where you can see Gastoro has a perfect scoop of a little bit of every salsa ingredient on the tip of his chip. Now that’s some fine eating.”

“Now back to the Chimichanga round, where El Gastoro has eaten half of his fried burrito. As we know Gastoro has the highest calories from fat rating in the league as of tonight, but as he didn’t order sour cream with tonight’s entree, it may just be the chance that second-rated Mister Ingester has been waiting for to close that points lead.”

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