“How can we get something to eat and drink to her, without letting the archmage know?”
“We could throw it.”, the thief suggested.
“Put it on a stick and hold it in.”, the dwarf warrior in his way too big chainmail recommended.
Lastly, the mage spoke, with deep sadness and concern in his voice: “There will be no way to get anything beyond the flame without the archmage knowing. It’s completely in HIS hands to feed her or let her starve. But, since he wants ransom, he will not unnecessarily harm her or let her starve to death. Dead she is of no value to him.”
“So, what you say is, that the only thing we can do is sit around and wait”, the thief mocked, scratching circles in the forest ground with his feet.
“We should first get some sleep while we still can. Setup a watch. I’ll take first shift.”, the chieftain murmured, pointing to the thief, he said: “relieve me in two hours. The rest of you, go to sleep.”
The night was nicely warm and quiet, no sound other than the usual forest sounds were heard.

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