Another Revelation (part 1)

As I step back from a bittersweet environment filled with the various vices and virtues of humanity, I now realize all that the forces of evil tried to steal from me.
If I had given in and erased myself completely from the face of the earth, I can’t even imagine all of the sensational experiences I would’ve missed out on. I would never know what high school and college are like, or meet a multitude of intriguing new people. Oh, the books I wouldn’t read, the stories that wouldn’t be written, the husband I wouldn’t marry, the children I wouldn’t have! All of these things and so much more would remain as mysteries to me.
But now, I have set a sail once more, on a new ship, to seek answers to all of my questions. I’ve embarked with open eyes and ears, not to mention an open heart, mind, and soul. True, I will love and lose, be broken and bemused, wronged and wrong. I will witness humankind’s destruction and downfall, but also its redemption and resurgence.

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