Modus Operandi

The machines silently hummed as if to greet the two intrepid intruders. Henry quickly scanned the room and motioned Marion to follow him. The metal steps clanged once and the sound reverberated through the large server room. They should really soundproof these rooms. Marion thought as she nervously brushed against Henry’s sleeve.

In the farthest corner of the room a single LED blinked thrice and a security camera started tracking the uninvited guests. Shortly thereafter a robotic finger started twitching as the DEM began running some self diagnostics.

Henry knelt down near a cabinet and pulled out his lock picking toolkit. Marion watched in fascination. This is it! Behind the shatterproof glass he could see the small black box with he purple ribbon cable running into the server. With practiced fingers he found the right tool and after a quick twist opened the door.

That was the precise moment DEM attacked. It pushed Marion aside and stretched out his hand to prevent Henry from getting at the modem.

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