Shooting at the Breeze

There is total chaos in the hangar. Things are blowing up all around. The door to the missile magazine opens up and I run in, taking out obstacles. Everybody is in a panic because nobody can see us.

Some of my teammates enter in with me. A large shudder issues forth through the floor; something with a large amount of power to it has just been destroyed. We go through the magazine, placing a radio-detonated charge under a table. I’m just about to arm the thing when we are called into the hangar. We move out and fan out, securing the enemy.

Right at this point, a steam pipe fails catastrophically, the evacuating steam pushing us to the floor with its force. The steam cannot penetrate us as light does, so there are vague outlines of us in the vapor. We see some of the enemy react to ghostly negative shapes in the cloud.

McMurdo strafes right into a globular cloud of blood. He comes out of it, but he is marked. People start to shoot at him.

Then, unexpectedly, the plasma curtain fails.

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