Killer Klowns – Brain Dead Zombies! Part II

“Why the fuck does this shit always happen to me.”
“Fuck you Markus.”
“Last time I shall ever trust you and your damn dates.”
“You can have fun spending time foundling your own darn nuts for now on.”
Alyssa was walking in the forest, mumbling her anger threw her heaving breathing.

Alyssa could spot several lights, passing in every direction off of the highway.

She climbed the small ditch to reach the top; she was looking in all directions of the highway hoping to know where she was.

She did not see any street signs, or anything for that matter of fact.

She started up the street leading to the north, it wasn’t long before a car came creeping from behind her.

A horn blared from the crackling and rattling vehicle.

Alyssa turned around, getting blinded by the site of the stranger’s lights.

She nearly fell in a ditch, and into a muddy pool. As the vehicle passed her by.

“Fuck.” Alyssa stumbled her way back on the highway.

Angry at the situation she was in.

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