Summer Loving 7

I laughed as Danielle pushed me off the float I was sitting on.
I dunked her underwater.
We were all having a good time. Except I still didnt have my phone back.
“So who was that guy?” Taylor asked me.
Heh. So she had noticed.
“I honestly have no clue.”
“Oh come on! You were both so into each other!” Aubree chimmed in.
“No, I really dont like him.”
“Well he really likes you.”
Vanessa came back from the bathroom.
“Urg. My stupid neighbor Derek wants to come over. Is that ok?”
“Sure.” We all answered.
Then we giggled and splashed each other.
“FINE! Vanessa called into the house. COME OUT BACK!”
A boy who looked about the same age as us came over. He also looked very familar.
“Guys, this is Derek.” Vanessa introduced us.
Oh God. Him again.

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