‘You care too much about them’
‘Both tried to save what they cared about’

Jamus laid on a white table in a white room, tossing and turning in a fever, arm bleeding. Rory laid dead next to him, his head mostly gone from a self inflicted gun wound.

‘So are we. If one ascends, the other must recede’
‘It is the natural order of things, but this order is disturbing to me’

Jamus opened his eyes.

‘Ah, he’s awake’
‘What was that Mr. Jamus?’ The Tall scientist went to Jamus’s bedside, ’You’ve been shot, you shouldn’t speak Mr. Jamus’

Jamus’s eyes focused, he tightened the muscles around the gunshot, closing off the wound. With one fluid motion he grabbed and twisted the scientists wrist, breaking it. The scientist shrieked in pain, the other scientist turned to run but Jamus leveraged off the Tall one, springing off the bed catching the Small one by the neck and twisted his arm around his back.

“Fucking idiots. Maybe restraints would have been a good idea?” He broke the Small one’s neck.

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