Down Town

You told me you were out late
You didn’t answer my calls
You said you left your phone back in your purse at home
I wonder why you would leave your purse at home
How could you walk away
Without saying good-bye

I was watching you from afar
You were laughing
Having a good time
Something I failed at
To bring to your life

I wonder if you could ever understand
A woman’s point of view
You are always out
Drinking away the night
I had one drink that night
With a friend
Now I feel as I am on trail

I left
I feel like shit
It’s my mistake

How could I be so foolish
You were someone I had trusted
You captured a rose without any thorns

You were so glamorous
You were the one
I thought I could trust

Now I wait by the train station
To see you one last time.

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