What Will Life Offer Me In This Journey

Another night alone, sitting at my desk. I look in the mirror; I expect to see a man filled with riches. A heart filled with gold, a mind so brilliant. Sigh all that is to see is me, in my torn up jeans, bagging shirt that hasn’t bin washed in a while.

The lights flicker; I thought I had changed it awhile ago. I guess now everything that is touched; I bring it closer to death.

My journal is left flickering, in idle. Waiting for me to continue typing, every night it idles as it waits upon my arrival.

A tear drops on my floor, as I remember back a week ago.

You said I wasn’t a good enough man, to fill out your needs. You may be right; the only thing I fill out is a casket.

Sigh I wish I never had these thoughts, resting in my head. As I lay to sleep every night, I wonder to myself what will the next day bring.

Is it death or a long journey into the world? Waiting for me to come along the dusty trail, and make my way up the road. To drown my sorrows upon it’s trail.


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