Body of Evidence

Some people like to start the day with a jog, but Leonard Dickens had decided to mix things up that morning by exploding instead.

A Response Unit was there when I arrived, collecting what they could find of his body and putting them into little plastic bags. I made a mental note to cancel my dinner reservation at the Chinese restaurant – there was no way I’d be able to enjoy stir fry after this.

“What’ve we got?” I asked as I approached Officer Grant. I didn’t really need to ask. I knew what we had – two hands, an arm, most of a head, and a few feet of intestines.

“By the looks of things I’d say he exploded,” said Grant. “Neighbors said they heard him arguing with his girlfriend last night. She stormed out. An hour later, he exploded.”

I put on my sunglasses. “Well it looks like this is one man who couldn’t keep it together.”

“No,” Grant nodded. “He couldn’t.”

There was an awkward silence. I took my sunglasses off – it was 2am, there was no need for them – and sidled slowly towards the door.

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