They're Going To Kidnap You

“Where’s my family!?” Richard pleaded with the officer assisting him out of the house which was surrounded by cops.
“Don’t worry, just come with me.” said the police officer.
“Who took them!?”
“We don’t know. Go back with Officer Mike here to the station.”
He obeyed reluctantly.

The station house was abuzz with many assorted people moving about. Noisy with phones ringing and conversations of others. Very brightly lit. Richard was shaking and was in an emotional turmoil. He did not know what to feel or think. Two men approached him.

“Hello, Richard is it?” asked one man.
Richard nodded.
“I’m from the F.B.I, and so is my partner here. We want to find your family. So your going to have to tell us everything.”
Richard Complied.
“I came home from the movies, When I walked in I heard screaming and things being broken. I saw two men upstairs, I was scared so I hid. Then it got quiet.” Richard said tearing at the recap.
“I see, well this may sound drastic but, we need you to be kidnapped, you’ll be trained.”

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