A True Villain

“Freeze!” The policeman had no reason to yell verbs at me.
I wasn’t running.
I always thought when they have those wild ten minute chase scenes in movies, it really just shows how much of a coward the bad guy is.
I wouldn’t run.
I was the kind of guy who would wait to get caught, then work my way out.
Of course, I would fight.
I put my hands over my head, as the cop approached, gun raised.
He placed the gun on the back of my head, ordered me to put it on the car hood.
I did so, the cold metal of the car making up for the hot barrel of the gun.
He began to put the handcuffs around my wrists.
As soon as I heard the first click I sprung into action.
I spun around, the metal handcuff smacking his face.
I grabbed his head, slammed it against my knee.
I stole his weapon, pointed it at him, took the key to the cuffs.
I turned, and began to walk away, proud.
Then his partner came out of the car and shot the back of both of my knees.
I fell to the ground, crippled.
Well, that shouldn’t be too hard..

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