Locked Away Part.1

I was told I was useless, and never will mount to anything important. (Mostly spoken from my ex, who would as well write upon my things) I guess I was never meant for anything important in life. I don’t know if anyone is truly meant for anything in this world.

The alarm on the dresser would ring any minute, making sure I wasn’t prolonging my sleep. Which I knew would be impossible.

“You need to take some pills to help you sleep, which you need.” The doctor would quote that every appointment I made. He should meet my ex; I would think they would get along just well.

Sure sleep wasn’t nearly as good as it was a couple years ago, but that’s before I had met my ex.

I knew I would sleep one of these days; I could care less about where it would happen. I had other engagements to attend, anything else can wait.

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