The Underground

Liz looked sad. Her green eyes spoke volumes, an absent finger twirling her long straight red hair.
I stood silent, patiently waiting a reply.
Vlad broke in, “What’s happened?”
“You asked how many we were,” Liz said, lips pursed tightly, “We are not as many as we’d like. Who you see here is pretty much all that is left. Maybe 150 of us, maybe less.”
“There were more.”
“Yes. We numbered near a thousand, stretched throughout the city. But archonian patrols discovered two of our chapters North and West of here. All of them were sterilized,”
“Jesus,” Vlad sat.
“Well you have to move. You have to leave the city then! I will help take whatever I can,” my hand swept at the books.
Liz shook her head, “That will not be possible,”
“We are too few of us to carry all of them.”
“But..” already i felt a sense of great loss, as i swept my gaze over the bound volumes everywhere. “But I want to read.. EVERYTHING,”
“We leave by first light! You are free to carry whatever you can, of course, and are welcome,”

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