Awkward Tackle

My mom zipped up the back of my strapless satin dress she almost didn’t let me buy while I admired myself in the mirror. The aqua blue made my eyes look bright and stunning. My pale pink lip gloss and blush, the only makeup my mom would let me wear, were perfect. My hair was tied up with ringlets loose to surround my face.

As I looked at Mom’s reflection, I could she was teary eyed. I expected her to say, “My baby girl is all grown up!” But she met my eyes and turned away. She never liked to show her emotions.

The doorbell rang. “Oh! I need my camera!” She shrieked, bolting from the room. I took a deep breath, grabbed my skirt, and descended the stairs. At the bottom awaited my whole family. My 5 year old sister screamed, “You’re a princess!” and tackled me.

I felt the strapless gown slipping down my chest. Immanent exposure was around the curve! I let her tumble me back onto the couch, grabbing the afghan to hide behind while I readjusted. Red-faced, I righted myself in time to join my date for photos.

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