Rose Garden Part II

“Now come along, you wouldn’t want to leave Fran waiting now. Leave your bags by the door, and come along.”

The small group of students hurried past Charles and walked into a great big hall. Pictures hanged from the walls, dating back to the 17 hundreds. Mary took quit a liking to a picture of a young black woman, who was holding a small black child.

“This house was a safe haven for most woman of color, husbands worked while they came here to raise a family. Some of the children, who were born here, lived among this house till the day they passed on.” A voice from the end of hall spoke, as Fran rose from her wheelchair.

“You must be Fran, am.” – “I know you are dear. No need to make yourself known here. Please come, the food is getting cold.”

Rachel, Carl, David, Mary, Anne, Mathieu followed Fran to the dinning hall.

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