"Well, He's Gone"

It was some big sales event in some convention center, with used cars at low low prices. Mom and Dad were getting a great deal on a van.

Boy and Best Friend, however, were terribly bored and dreaming up amusements.

Somehow Best Friend had come into possession of a balloon. There were lots of balloons at the event but none had been in Best Friend’s possession until now.

“You know what’s better than a balloon?” whispered Boy. “A water balloon.”

They made haste to the bathroom sink.

But there was someone else in the bathroom. A police officer. Boy and Best Friend feigned innocence and headed for the facilities instead. They were not so good at feigning innocence.

Presently they heard the main door open and close. “Well, he’s gone,” sighed Boy to Best Friend. But the police officer was not gone. It was a ruse! He glared at the boys.

“Uh oh,” said a very guilty Boy, hiding the balloon.

“Get out of here,” growled the police officer, and he chased Boy and Best Friend all the way back to Mom and Dad.

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