Chat Log #1

1: hi
2: hello
1: some1 is stalking me
1: uses my name to send me rude messages and stuff
2: heh, that’s prolly me
1: what?!
2: i always found u cute :)
1: i’m not joking!! this is the kind that strangles u in the back alley
2. er… that’d be actually good 4 u, wouldn’t it?
2: i mean u gonna die soon anyway
1: WHAT?! i told u this is not a fucking joke!
1: and being sick doesn’t mean that i have no feelings
1: tbh i’m fucking creeped out, so would u grow the fuck up?
2: oh
2: sorry
2: thought u were pullin my leg
2: who the hell can it be?
1: either some1 who knows me irl or a freakin private detective
1: knows everything
2: hmm
2: banned him, rite?
1: yup, but irl there is no such thing
1: he’s waiting for me 2 leave the house alone
2: sure about that?
1: see the comments yourself on my blog
2: uh. this guy is screwed up.
1: told u
1: now what?
2: if you were in here i’d say get euth before this guy gets u
1: yea i thought of that
1: now gtg, lunch and stuff
1: cu l8r (i hope)
2: ok, bye

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