“But I love you. I cannot think when I think about you, I cannot speak when I speak about you. I love you John, I do”.
Overwhelmed by emotions, John could say nothing but fumbled and spoke finally, “I love you Rose, but I cannot love you the way you want me to. Its not what I am permitted to. I’m sorry Rose, you must forgive me..”, but Rose cut him short and pulled him towards herself and embraced him whispering into his ears “I can make everything right John. Just give me a chance. I will never let you regret loving me” Saying so, she kissed him passionately.
John could no more control himself. He could feel the tender skin on her neck. He could feel her narrow waist. The full moon shone brightly, enveloping John and Rose in the light of true love. He held her firmly, close to his heart.He could feel her heartbeat, so fast.But then suddenly, his strong firm hands turned into something he feared. They were big and rough and hairy and had claws. It was full moon, it was true. John had been cursed…

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