Before It's Too Late!!

They belted it.
Shawn held the umbrella in his left hand, his handgun in the right.
As he ran, he fired round after round behind them, the rain making it harder to see.
Faith yelled at Shawn, trying to get him to toss her the umbrella, but the thunder and gunshots drowned out the sounds of her screams.
Suddenly, there was a spray of blood and Shawn fell to the ground, mud flying from the floor in all directions.
Faith bent over and grabbed the umbrella, the return fire of her enemies grazing her shoulder.
Her sneakers made the mud splash like water.
As she sprinted, she looked for some place to hide the umbrella.
She spotted a car, thinking it was the best place to hide it.
A bullet hit her in the left shoulder blade.
Her nerves reacted, causing her to toss the umbrella in the air.
It landed on the hood of a car.
The combination of pouring rain and mud made it impossible to spot the umbrella.
Faith and Shawn were never seen again.

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