That Night

It was a dark night. Annabelle Wright was walking home from her friend’s house. She stopped and looked behind her, for she had just heard footsteps. Nothing was there, she turned back and kept walking. There they were again. Annabelle turned, nothing. She was frightened and so she ran as fast as she could home. She sighed as she walked inside but still there was something wrong. It was too quiet and no one was home. She was very worried. She called her mother, but a strange voice picked up. Annabelle hung up. After a few minutes the doorbell rang, it was Annabelle’s mother (who looked terrible). Annabelle asked, “Who answered your phone before?” and her mother replied, “That was me Annabelle, I’m sorry if I frightened you I had lost my voice and was about to leave work.” Annabelle sighed. “Why isn’t anyone home yet?” Her mother replied, “The car broke down this morning so I had to walk home, I was walking behind you on your way home. Dad went to the store and your brother, Tim, is staying after school.”

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