I Got Myself Kidnapped

“Ok Richard, we know they’re waiting for you to come home to your house from a friends house, ok?” said Agent Golhem.
“But I wasn’t at a friends hou..” I sputtered
“We know, they think you were, so let’s keep it that way.” he chimed in.

“Now, you just walk around the corner and into the house and i’m sure they’ll be there waiting. Remember, we’re tracking your every movement. We are listening to everything and if things get too out of hand, we’ll step in.” said Agent Golhem in a compassionate tone.
“Ok.” I responded shakily.
“Look, I know this is alot and your nervous, but your going to be fine, I assure you.” he said in father like tone.

With that I exited the car and began walking. As I was walking I wondered what would happen. I was nervous, oh so amazingly nervous.
“You have to do this, for your family.” I thought to myself.

I rounded the walk and in strides I made it to the front door. My hands trembled as I opened the door and entered.
“Hello.” I asked, immediately I was seized and blinded by a bag.

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