Dystopian : Pt 1

“What are my options?” I asked the mirror.
“I suggest a pair of black trousers, A cyan collared shirt and your best pair of loafers.” replied the mirror in it’s robotic tone.
“May I try them on.” I asked.
“Certainly.” and with that the mirror showed myself in the clothes.
“Very good, those will do fine.” I said.
I put on my clothes and hurried out of the room and into the living room.

“Excited for the party?” asked my mother.
“Sure.” I replied hesitantly.
“Aw, trust me, it’s going to be fabulous, you’ll love it.” she said while looking into the mirror while Tres, our robot put a shawl over her shoulders.
“You look stunning madame.” Tres chimed.
“Thank you love.” she cheerily responded now more pleased.

“Where is your father with the Flite?” she said now annoyed.
“I’m sure he’s getting it out of parking.” I said.
The Tele came to life and projected a screen on the wall to the news.

“New Terrorist Warnings Tonight.” the reporter barked.
“Those are never right.” cried my mother turning it off.
“Come Now.”

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