A Great Friend

There it was, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. A wonderful, amazing creature with deep blue wings. As I walked over to it, it glimmered in the sunlight. I thought to myself what an amazing butterfly. I took another step toward it and stopped. It flew gently over to me and landed on my nose. I let out a quiet giggle. The creature went back to the flower it was resting on before and ripped off a piece off of it. It flew back to me and gently placed the flower in my hand.
It came to be 6 o’clock and I had to hurry home for dinner. But everywhere I went the butterfly followed. I said to the butterfly, “Wait here. I will come back after dinner.” The butterfly sat back on the flower and waited. When I returned it was still there.
Every day after that night I returned to the butterfly to play with it and made sure it wasn’t lonely or sick. We became great friends even though most people thought it was just a butterfly. But it wasn’t just a butterfly it was my friend.

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